Some lives were made better as the payoff of Mom’s inheritance went through. I pray the bickering ends. Mom and Dad were selfless people. They shared all they had with those who needed it.

Our door was always opened to those who needed a place to stay.   This is how they lived thrir faith.  What better examples to follow? 

We have many wounds that hurt. We need to give and ask for forgiveness on various levels. We are a broken people, but this an awesome day and we have an awesome God! 


One Response to “AWESOME DAY”

  1. billzalot Says:


    May we pray as Saint Paul prayed, “May our suffering complete what is lacking in the suffering of Christ.” As a Catholics, we can understand that Redemptive suffering can be used for our own soul or the souls of others; either for those here on earth or those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith.
    We, ourselves are all part of the Church Militant. Those of us on earth can pray and offer sacrifices through our sufferings for those who have gone before us, but whose fate is not known to us. It is one reason we can accept the splinters of our unique crosses in this life and may clarify for us what Saint Paul says about the Church’s Teaching on Purgatory is hidden within words on suffering.
    This is one of the ways our sufferings can benefit the entire Church profoundly. In seeing this reality we can more readily accept the splinters of the crosses in our lives. With this focus we can witness to all the heart of Jesus Christ that is within us. Without this perspective, it would be quite easy to blame the victims for the suffering in their lives. It gives purpose to why we profess that we are Catholic and are proud of it.
    The way we endure the suffering in our lives can indeed be a powerful tool of evangelization. Anyone who has read me knows I speak openly about the Cross I have carried in life; sharing how in fact my disability has brought many wonderful people throughout my life. Like Simeon did for Christ, those individuals have made my cross bearable. Accepting this help with grace can be a form of sacrifice, thus having Redemptive value. The web encyclopedia states:

    Redemptive suffering is the Roman Catholic belief that human suffering, when accepted and offered up in union with the Passion of Jesus, can remit the just punishment for one’s sins or for the sins of another.

    Is it any wonder that we as Catholics can accept our own crosses realizing we can spare ourselves or someone else time taken off our souls may have needed to spend in Purgatory? Like good behavior works towards a jail sentence. Offering up the aches, pains, Masses and prayers can shorten time needed for purification of our souls upon the end of our earthly life.

    Reacting to the suffering of those in need can move us to show compassion. The individual may not remember our face, but may be touched deeply by what we do. The act might be as simple as giving an elderly person your time, even though this may mean hearing a familiar story once again. If we connect with their pain with love, are we not showing that individual the heart of Christ?
    With this frame of mind, we can see a weakness or disability is not the fault of an individual’s sin or their ancestors. Rather, it a part of the human condition which goes back to the “fall from Grace” of our “First Parents.” Like them, we have Free Will and who is to say we would not fall to sin on our own? Each of us may have our limitations to prevent us from falling into Grievous or Mortal Sin. God knows and loves each of us. Therefore, using His skill as a carpenter, He has designed a Cross to best suit us and Glorify His Son. Let us that Cross and Suffering that comes with it; so that our Witness may lead others to Christ and the fullness’ of The Church in this Year of Faith and beyond!

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